Alicante, Spain

Our promoter Amparo greeted us with such open and real enthusiasm that it makes everybody forget about the hot summer weather that we’d stepped into. Amparo and I look at each other, hold hands, and laugh. “So good to see you again!”

Alicante is a beautiful seaport city with big transport ships, and tourists on the beaches visiting from everywhere from Holland to Scandinavia. We’re accustomed to, and spoiled by, fabulous summer weather with sunshine, anywhere and everywhere in America and the Americas. How lucky!  All of Northern Europe including England and Germany can be very cool and cloudy, and not very ‘summery’ in the summer. And those guys really depend on and count on a little summer “getaway.” Wow! The band was primed and in the “Get ready, Get set!” mode. Just, smacking their lips, it seemed. Here we were inside in an auditorium, with good control of all the elements… Rarely have we performed in a venue like this in Spain… it’s almost always outside, and sometimes even in a bull-fighting arena. This theatre was real compact and intimate, making it a certainty that for me and the audience, this feels like a first time meeting in more than the above respects. That is, even if we played exactly the same program that we did last time outside, the feeling of things here in this little auditorium would be and is different than the bullring outdoors. I’m being real literal about playing the bullrings. It’s normal here.

Thank you, Amparo, Alicante, and Auditorio de la Diputación!

See you next time from Krakow, Poland!

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