Carmel, Indiana – 2014

Carmel, Indiana

We’re doing the unthinkable and almost undoable for this show. Sometimes the schedule calls for this. We left Iowa City at 7:30 in the morning after three hours of sleep, which was preceded by the above description of my alma mater event. Then we drove six hours straight to the venue and did a sound check…everybody’s dragging. But this is where you reach deep for your marathon skills, attitude, and extra power. We even sing a little rehearsal with Chris in the car and decide and determine that this is perfect. You couldn’t be happier.

Carmel is a suburb of Indianapolis that’s new and fresh with the neat and clean sparkle of all the great new industrial parks. Ellen, the hall manager, greeted us with such enthusiasm and happiness and joy of this life occasion that it acted almost like a wave. All smiles and bubbling energy about the new performing arts center called The Palladium. When we got inside we understood why. She was right. Somebody really reached deep in concept and construction. This place was like a new version of a classical orchestral and opera venue. There were three balconies that wrapped around to your 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Before I went on stage, I shook hands and laughed with some audience members in one of these balconies. And there was a wrap around balcony behind us. When I turned my back to the audience, there was more audience. That’s fantastic! Only in Europe! This makes everyone interact differently than they would in 99% of performing situations. They sensed it and we sensed it. Right now I’m thinking about that moment when John Calderon takes the spotlight and plays classical music on his acoustic guitar. Ellen said that this room was acoustically perfect.

I deliberately try to make some special memories by coming through the stage door early and quietly standing and smiling and chatting with people in the lower balcony who were almost on stage. What a design!

Chris sounded wonderful here on his solo ballad and we could both reach down and touch people in the first row when we did our “Random Act of Love” duet. I wish I could have gotten to that opposite wing that was almost on stage just behind Larry to spend a moment or two enjoying and helping to show this exceptional venue.

What an amazing venue, what an amazing night! All just outside Indianapolis with lots of brand new listeners. We signed a ton of CDs after the concert and laughed, squealed, hugged, and kissed. Great stuff, y’all. Thank you very much!



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