Al’s latest thoughts & a special “Live Chat with Al…” announcement!

Hi everybody. I do so deeply apologize for being terribly slow and late getting back to my diary entries. The truth is that I lost my notes for the October and November tour in Europe. I had been very careful with my notes, because I have been enjoying so very much the direct communication with all of you and the ability to comment on each concert. I was really feeling good about this new found way of being in touch with you and I was on a roll.  Unfortunately, I am neither a computer guy nor an internet junkie, I really don’t know much about computers so I had no back up. The loss seriously spaced me out for a while. Real troubling for me was that the October and November tour and my concert comments covered some cities and territories I hadn’t been to for a long-long time; Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The tour was a good start at renewing some old friendships and making new friends as well.

If those notes ever show up, I’ll find a way of making some brief belated comments about those past dates. In the mean time, to summarize October and November in short, you were a fantastic audience! You welcomed me back with such heart touching warmth, I didn’t want it to stop…I felt like starting the whole tour all over again! And your response to the new material was so positive and reassuring that the band and I were FLOORED! And so many young faces everywhere! Not just a handful either at any one date, but a really remarkable number of kids under 20, and a lot of 11 and 12 year olds too.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of that and we will do it again soon.

I’ll be making some diary entries about more recent events. And right now I want to officially announce that I will participate in a Live Chat with all of you. There will two Live Chats on the following dates and times; (I hope you can join me!)

Al Jarreau European Live Chat

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2005

Time: 6pm to 9pm CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Al Jarreau American and North American Chat

Date: Monday, May 2, 2005

Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Mark your calendars; you will be able to access Live Chats at

Thank you, I love you and will talk to you soon.

Al Jarreau

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“Out of the ashes… a bird!” I always think of that when I’m there. Somehow that reference is more poignant this time as I mention that my cousin Irma has just ascended (passed).

We’re at the beautiful Celebrity Theater in “The Round” tonight. The stage will slowly spin in one direction & then the other. It’s a unique experience for the performer & audience, if you don’t get seasick. I love it, skirting the circumference ahead of the spin & singing to people before I should be there. Or Crossing the diameter from one edge, to the other squeezing by the instruments.

You’re in the right place tonight! No 4-letter words or crotch grabbing & you might even hear some words like God & Love & School & Brother’s keeper.

ZONE!!…. The whole night! Molding & folding time at will. As I passed by 2 ladies from Milwaukee on the aisle, they grabbed my hand & shouted, “Go on, homeboy!!” Lots of mixed couples here tonight & I feel complimented & proud. There was a little girl who did a picture for me who was the chef’s daughter.

I was especially touched after the show by Lisa, an Air Force veteran who had been critically ill with Gulf War Syndrome but who is doing much, much better now. She hugged me & thanked me for something I said in a song that she listened to over & over. We held hands & starred at each other a long time. Thank you, Father!!! Thanks Chuck for bringing Lisa!!!

Thank you Phoenix!!!


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Las Vegas, Nevada

Boulder Station. A new venue for me. In short, you should go there & catch a show. If you’re a performing act, go there & play that room. It’s close, intimate & personal. And the staff is the bomb. Open, gracious and professional. That kind of spirit starts at the top with the big boss & director of the room.

The band & the close audience reacted to all that intimacy & glowed real hot. It seemed like the management liked us too. I had a ball! Let’s do it again soon!!

— A.J.

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Long Beach

I got off the plane and slept at the airport hotel, instead of at home & went straight to the festival grounds. Yes, this is called hit the ground running. We just closed out a busy 5 week tour in Europe, but being home & in familiar territory somehow has it’s own way of refreshing you & making you ready to hit it. Long Beach does that nicely, so many familiar faces, even big Dudley the security chief backstage. And dear sweet Pat Prescott (of “The Wave w/ Dave” Koz) who has become a pillar & cornerstone of this yearly gathering, brings a classic classy touch that lets everybody know they’re in the right place. Peter White has just finished his set & Pat gives me one of her cool eloquent introductions – we’re on.

Even though it’s late & they’ve been there all day, the Long Beach Jazz Festival audience greets me with a roar & we give ’em the oldies, the middies & the newies too. An encore for desert & everyone is full & satisfied. The only thing I’m worried about is whether or not I embarrassed my son Ryan on his birthday by mentioning it from the stage & pointing him & his girlfriend out as they danced down front.

OH, YES!! Kem came to say hello. I didn’t even know he was in town. We talked & shared some mutual admiration laughter & even some ideas about the future, etc, etc. Can you guess?

What a night. Thanks Pat & LB Jazz & Kem. And thanks y’all!!!

— A.J.

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Monte Carlo

We did 2 wonderful nights at the sporting club with it’s fabulous Casino Showroom that has 25 feet high floor to ceiling window panels that can be closed or opened to the balmy night air.

From 10 years ago I remember the stunning signs of staggering wealth. It’s still the same. Ferraris & Maseratis everywhere & private yachts that look like cruise ships. It’s fun to dream!! We did both nights on a beautifully equipped elegant stage with 2 other bands just before us. The Sporting Club Orchestra with violas & cellos and a good young singer form Denmark named Hannah. The other band was Brazillian & just burnin!!! And when they joined us on stage for an all out jam on “Mas Que Nada”, the place was like New Year’s Eve.

Ha-Ha-Ha!!! I know it was New Year’s Eve for Debbie, who had friends that came from Paris to hang out with her & have a good time. Debbie was heard to say, “I need a nap!!!!” ME TOO!!!!

The tour is over on the continent, but we’ll hit the ground running in America. Better sleep hard & fast on the plane.

— A.J.

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