Cerritos and Pepperdine University

I call it home! Anyplace within 30 or 40 minutes of Los Angeles, I call home. In fact, Patrick and I drove there from my house.

“I’m refueling and recharging the batteries and all systems,” is what I told them. I’m here to report on the “State of Rainbow.” My State of the Rainbow Address. You guys were there before the beginning. My cousin Melanie said, “Yes, I’m here, Al.” She knew me from Milwaukee days. She lived in Buffalo then.

So just generally speaking, and specifically, too, these folks saw me in local restaurants and clubs before I signed my first record deal with WEA, Warner Electra Atlantic in Burbank, on Olive. They heard “We Got By” just moments after it was written. They encouraged me to go on out there and do it.

So I’m back home 35 years later, and giving my report on The State of The Rainbow…. In short, my hundred meter times are not the same, but my marathon is kickin’. We got some of the best music performance reviews I’ve ever had in my life. Susan and I get on the phone and celebrate and rejoice and give thanks every night for this continuing rainbow ride. She was there before the WEA contract, too. And worked in those little clubs and restaurants where I sang on stage. Every day is Thanksgiving.

So maybe you can imagine how wonderful it felt to see my new agents Rick, Zach, and Michelle from ICM… My grin still hurts. At the Pepperdine performance, Jerry Levin, my first tour manager, and his wife Diana, came backstage surprising me after the show. No words can express what pictures flew through our minds as we hugged and said wow to each other. The audience stood and gave a serious standing ovation at least twice on each night during the performance… and at the end as well. During the performance is unusual… I like it.

Dear Cerritos Center—I love your house! Let’s do it again, soon.

Dear Pepperdine University—I love your Smothers Brothers Theater. In fact, I love the Smothers Brothers, too. I love the feeling of your campus and neighborhood. So open and refreshing. Can we do it again tomorrow?

Great back-to-back home games. Thank you!


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