Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Chastain Park!! Whatever happens at Chastain Park takes on a fanciful wonderland kind of aura. This is an outdoor venue that features a section right down in front of an audience seated at white tables who bring their own dinner and drinks. They create their own dining and listening experience with every food you can image, not to mention lots of wine in long stem glasses. One of the most important periods in my life was this very situation in what was called a supper club. I cut my teeth on this learning how to talk to and relate to people out there, sharing a comment about the music or an interesting and funny story. This is the real deal for me that is “make it some kind of party”. Let’s have fun! The Carnegie Hall situation’s formality is too formal.

So doing it here with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and MARCUS MILLER, too, was outstanding, boys and girls. Marcus took them to a very special place in his musical universe and then I did the same. Strings and oboes and French horns and a harp accompanied both of us. This changes everything for the listener. When you hear me with strings, it’s different. That’s why the Al and the Metropole Orkest Album is a thing on its own. There were a lot of familiar songs but in a new setting.

When you take all of that and put it outside under the stars with a nice glass of wine, you get something special. When Marcus and I joined forces for a fiery version of “Mais Que Nada”, there was a lot of singing along and even a couple of samba dancers, like Brazil. Great night! Lots of laughing, smiling, and grinning and satisfied tummy patting…Ahhhh!

Thank you Atlanta…metropolis of the future. You are leading the way, especially showing how diversity is ok. Don’t stop! I won’t go there just now, that’s a whole other show.

See ya!


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