Oct 17 – Cincinnati’s Healthcare Connection Benefit Fundraiser

Funds are designated for lower income families and individuals. This year, diabetes was the focus. I offered praise and applause to them all night long… Job #1, our most important work and activity on this planet, should be taking care of each other, especially since we’ve seen government default so grossly over the past 2 decades. I won’t elaborate. I do have faith in Obama’s wisdom and vision.

This evening was the beautiful antithesis to default and myopic detachment. There were so many sponsoring corporations and private businesses. I can’t remember them if I tried. But Proctor & Gamble stands out for me because my Lincoln High School buddy Sam Moore has worked for them for years and has always been advocating for special projects throughout his career, and P&G has been generously involved in the community. My opening comment was, “God is here”… When people respond so generously to other people’s needs, God is there.

Another buddy from Lincoln High School was there—Guy Vance. We’d been playing phone tag for weeks, but hadn’t seen each other since high school. Then another surprise, David Lives, from Ripon, my class, 1962.

Well believe it or not, we did some music, too, and Aronoff Hall rocked good and hard. There was a guy down front, just to my right, who was so into it that the audience must have thought he was on salary. That kind of enthusiasm is contagious.

Thank you Cincinnati! Thank you, Ohio! What a great state. So many wonderful cities to see and play in, and so I have for many years. Thank you, Buckeyes—Your Fall colors are gorgeous.

Love, Al

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