Musicians Institute – Stanley Clarke Scholarship Foundation

Musician Institute – Stanley Clarke Competition – 2014

I’m constantly amazed about those guys who manage to juggle full time touring schedules as well as a regular recording schedule with multiple projects, teaching and speaking engagements while raising a family too.

Enters Stanley Clarke. The two of us have shared the stage with George Duke and other collaborations that go back to the recording of the song, “Spain” in the 1980s. Not enough…there should have been more of all of this.

For 12 years Stanley has headed up a scholarship fund for young students at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. THAT’S FANTASTIC! Really important stuff. So when Stanley and his wife, Sophie, asked if would come and be a judge at the competition, I gave a real loud “YES”. And the main thing is obvious; we have to do any and everything we can to encourage young people to find their way into the arts. Any of these wonderful avenues of creating something now where there was nothing before is huge in how it describes and points out this magnificent gift of expression. And when you look at it closely you begin to understand that the arts are really “fine” in their exploration of human emotions. Joy, love, sadness, etc. In fact, these are the people that I want making political decisions for me in Sacramento and Washington D.C. Dig it?!?! ARTS…the workshop for human sensitivities.

Eight of us, including Paul Jackson and Byron Miller took out a sharp pencil and graded 5 students on the various aspects of performing, stage presence, etc. It was a wonderful event and amazing night!

Congratulations to all five finalists. You have already won. This music stuff that you’ll do the rest of your life will make you joyful and those around you will feel it.

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