Skokie, IL – North Shore Center for Performing Arts

As I realized the approaching of this date on the schedule, two things jumped out in my thinking. What and who. When I was a youngster in Milwaukee, we made occasional trips to Chicago and Indiana and Michigan and always passed through some little community called Skokie. We never stopped there, but somewhere in my vague memories was the name “Skokie.” Sure enough, we’ve played many dates in and around Chicago, but this one really surprised me. It’s a wonderful surprise however. This will be mostly a new audience, although there’ll be a large number of people who have seen me in other venues around Chicago.

Sure enough, those who knew me greeted me and the band, like it was home coming time. Lots of personal  yelps and hellos immediately. This is always a great kick off for a concert evening. It also identifies, in a special way, the specific occasion for the audience as they think back. As a matter a fact, it often happens, on some future occasion, when I see an audience member of a specific night, he’ll refer to that night, saying “Do you remember that time when that lady in the green dress and straw hat did so and so?” That’s fun!

We had one of those nights. We had some late comers. One guy wearing all black, with glasses and very husky. He was a great sport and allowed me to point at him and laugh about his coming late. And then there was the young pre-teen, around 12 years old, in the second row, with his mom and dad, who I made a special point in welcoming because kids his age are a delightful and welcome rarity. He laughed and grinned in embarrassment and answered that his name was Joseph. Joseph gave me the opportunity to once again say to the audience how important it was for them to bring their kids. ALTERNATIVES! He came backstage with his parents and they were just beaming when they commented about how they could not believe it when I introduced my keyboard player-musical director as Joseph Anthony Turano. That was exactly his first and middle name. Joseph Anthony.

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that’s quite like realizing in the middle of evening that “it’s working.” All this classic old stuff mixed in with some newer things, right there, in the ideal intimate setting, is a real big part of what you project for yourself and your music, as you approach every passing day, month, and year. It’s working!

It’s late winter 2016, snowing earlier this morning, outside my window in the hotel, and right now, just after the concert, I’m saying to myself, “It’s working.”

Thank you to Jack and Heather from Sensophonics for my new hearing equipment, for on stage and off.  You guys are fantastic.

Thank you everybody for this wonder concert day in my old neighborhood with new friends.


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