Tarrytown, NY

If you ever get to Tarrytown to visit relatives or have lunch while you’re passing through, find Charlene. You can’t miss her. The twinkling blue eyes of a Mrs. Claus.

It was a clear, cold wintry noon when I stepped off the bus, and headed toward the stage door. It was as though she was counting my very steps from the bus to the stage door and threw it open wide with a smile and the warmest welcome that I’ve ever had at any stage door. This truly set the tone for what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and evening at the Tarrytown Music Hall.

Charlene’s coffee was wonderful, and she had bought some baked cookies and muffins from the bakery down the street who baked for President Obama and other celebrities. She did everything, except say, “And now presenting…” with such a delightful spirit that I found myself saying, “Let’s do this again next week.”

It was obvious when you walked into the backstage area that this was a building that generations of workers had worked long and hard on preserving. Sparkling new performing arts centers are really great state venues, but there is something special about walking into a 150-year-old building where performers have been pouring out their hearts, and left their love and joy and tears saturating the walls.

Amazing. The town was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and that afternoon you could hear a marching band of high schoolers practicing and warming up on the street just outside the back door of theatre.

How fitting and appropriate… I told the audience how much I’ve always loved the name of their town Tarrytown. It’s right out of Disney Land. But it’s only a half an hour from downtown Manhattan just across the Hudson. There were people who knew me from Radio City Music Hall… in New Jersey PAC.

AND Barry Eastmond, producer, and family, made it even more special. We did music for the, “Tomorrow Today” record in his Tarrytown studio. Close and intimate, we did a long intermission program. New music, old music, loud music, soft music, “L is for Lover,” to “We Got By,” to “Heart’s Horizon,” and “Scootchabooty.” And, “Put It,” and “Roof Garden.” The whole enchilada.

And there was an ex-hockey player from Russia here tonight. He says I inspired him to do music, and he’s still doing it now. Thank you to my amazing band that continues to play with inspired freshness. Audiences are awed. Thank you Tarrytown, I’m Disney-fied anew. See you in Westport, CT, and Basel, Switzerland. Everyday is Thanksgiving.

Love, Al

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