Amsterdam, Holland

And so it’s on to Amsterdam with the Metropole Orchestra, with Vince Mendoza as the conductor. We’ve been pointing to this date on a calendar for 6 months. I love you Concord Records for your bravery and courage in making my very first record for your label and having it be this wonderful project for the Metropole Orchestra that was released June 19th. This appearance with the Orchestra really marks the premier and debut of this new album. We do it at the internationally known and world-renowned Concertgebouw in the center of Amsterdam. This is classical music’s heaven. It could be a nightmare… concert halls are so fine-tuned for carrying the sound of acoustic orchestral instruments. When you amplify them, as we will tonight… “oh boy!” And Vince’s arrangements really challenge my Lucy Goosey improvisational approach.

Well, it turned out to be a magical night. We did 11 songs with an intermission and encore. Vince and the orchestra preceded me in both halves with an orchestra composition. This ain’t your average orchestra. I promise you it’s the Count Basie or Duke Ellington jazz band with 3 upright basses, 4 cellos, and 8 or 10 violins and violas. They will swing you until your stuff gets tired. Mark Simmons said they play right on the beat with all the jazzy spangalang. And their featured soloist on trombone, tenor, and alto, and guitar could play with anyone. In fact, the rhythm section was great. We didn’t have a real encore so when they demanded more we played the second half of “We’re In This Love Together.” And they still wanted more. This was a really great night in Holland. I thank the orchestra profusely and mention how important they are as an international treasure. Keeping them around is a must for the world. There’s nothing like them. They roared and screamed. I did some acapella improvising stuff as they stood, still not wanting it to end. From somewhere in my brain, out popped the traditional well-worn break song including back to the top and out. Vince and I hugged and grinned. Wheww

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