Beaver Creek

Rocky Mountain high Colorado! We went to Beaver Creek in the heart of the winter season, in the general community that’s called Vail, where every hundred feet there’s a two hundred room ski lodge. We hit the ground running with two interviews once we arrived. There are very few concert-goers who are residents in the area, so guests coming from afar don’t know until they get there who is entertaining. So, last minute media was important. Everybody was thrilled that we were sold out.

I think all of our gang was surprised to hear the lineup of artists who have just appeared and those expected to appear. You’d have thought the M.C. was referring to the Monterey Jazz Festival rather than snow-bound Beaver Creek. … Susan loved it. She cuddled up in bed, slept like crazy, and ordered room service.

The Vilar Center was a performing arts venue like you would find in downtown Denver or Boulder. And even though it was constantly snowing, with a couple feet already on the ground, the theater was filled, and there was an electric air of anticipation. Have a beer in your seat, too!

You’ve often heard me say how wonderful and special it is to be surprised by the enthusiastic response to one’s music from an audience that could so easily not know who you are and be into an entirely different type of music. Well, they fooled me again. They seemed like Monterey Jazz Festival listeners. And the promoter at the venue was over the moon, he and his staff and friends particularly pointing at the band and declaring how tight they were as a unit, and in their reactions to and with me as we played.

Well as you might guess, with everyone being so pleased, we were almost in unison saying, “Let’s do it again.” And we will. Thank you, Kris Sabel, thank you, Vilar, and all you guests from everywhere in the US.

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