Belarus – 12/10/12

What an amazingly quaint place! We arrived to snowfall, and drove through these beautiful, flowing white hills to get to our hotel. Our drivers spoke great English, and told us a little about the history of Belarus.

The weather was so cold, but it really brought me back to my roots in Milwaukee. I love this kind of weather, and I kept telling that fact to everyone. I could live here, and play music all day.

Before the show, we had a school come up and ask questions about my career and music in general. And then, something happened. Some of the teachers and kids came up and started having a jam session with my band! I was not expecting this at all, but it was a great time. They were great jazz players, and I was really impressed with their improvising. They are welcome on my stage any time.

We hit the show, and it’s all smiles. The songs go over really well with this audience, and everyone seems to know the words to the classic hits. We’re grooving and shaking, and making new friends in Belarus.

After the show, we had a reception with some of the sponsors. I had some great food, and laughed with everyone there. Thanks Belarus for all the memories!

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