This is sacred ground… Cathedral-esque. Well at least in my mind, Al Jarreau. I have come here with something to say, that I think is personal and important and oh so respectful of the past.

On stage, I’m watching people in the audience who know, “We’re In This Love Together,” and “Boogie Down,” and “L Is For Lover,” and I can tell it’s taking a moment or two for them to flip the switch. BUT I also see them relax, take a deep breath, and join me on the journey… and discover A NEW Al Jarreau! A new me that they have never seen before. Kudos to the NDR band. They are the best at this shtuff. I’d love for this to happen in America.

Susan and I first came to Bremen in 1977. How well we remember the Bremen Rotskeller, and even, even, even more the train station just across the street from the hotel where PEOPLE walk and ride. We could see it from the hotel on a slight hill. Oh what memories. Bremen, Bremen mein schottzie lein.

It’s not especially unusual that teenagers show up in big numbers at my concerts in Europe. So many of my concerts there are open air with a beer and a hot dog and a let’s parteeee. But tonight, 3 kids in their mid-teens bought tickets and sat in the front row andthey listened closely and laughed and smiled at this fun-filled and funny Gershwin music. I spoke directly to them and thanked them for being there and that they made me feel good and I hope they found some alternative listening music.

OH YES. Deutschland. And thanks for the memories. And great food. Thank you for helping me revisit these nostalgic moments that remind me of my wife and the beginning of my career and now during these real veteran moments of my career. I never expected it.

P.S. NDR what a beautiful band. Danke.

Love, Al

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