Country Club Hills, IL

Yo Country Club Hills… You were fabulous and amazing! Thank you so very much! My band says the same.

Country Club Hills is a pretty big suburb just south of Chicago, and I’d never been there or even known about it til now. I’ve really missed the boat.

There’s a beautiful 2 thousand seat outdoor amphitheatre, every seat a winner. It had rained just before our arrival at the venue, and we all wondered…

By showtime it was sold out and packed… with mostly first timers. You know how much I love that. They greeted me and the band with loud applause and audible cheers like a football game. And they showed their readiness for some early songs from the first recordings—shouted and sang along on “Sweet Potato Pie,” and really got the significance of the universal lesson we learn when people from the ‘other side of the tracks’ push beyond adversity and achieve; “We Got By.” Willie Luster and Sam Moore, from Milwaukee, were in the front row, quick to agree on that.

The band was on fire—They felt the audience, too. They boosted my ratings… Again!

I had fun with a couple of ladies in the front who had to go pee. Play the music good’n’plenty serious, AND have fun.

On Sunday morning, we did a Jazz Brunch on the radio with Rick O’dell of WLFM. We talked about my past and future, and sent a Hello out to Rev. Jesse Jackson, and congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Now that’s a great weekend, folks! I could do that again next week!

Thanks, everybody.

Love, ALJ

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