Detroit Symphony Orchestra (D.S.O.)

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. They are locally known by D.S.O. Sounds like a world famous rock group. Anyway, last night we were the D.S.O. and the Al Jarreau. D.S.O. and Al Jarreau created a new musical experience for everybody who knows Al Jarreau and the motor city Detroit from long ago. Me too!!! And what a night it was.

15 years ago when I first started doing this symphony orchestra program, I talked more at the website about this new wonderful venture. Excellent adventure into the world where my music meets the classical orchestra. Unfortunately and sadly the symphony orchestra in America is going away. And those who hang in there and survive are kind of sticking to their bread and butter, i.e. stuff like Bach and Beethoven. Other genres are extras.

Here we go! My rhythm section always comes with me to make sure that all the basic fundamentals are covered and insured. Larry Williams – synth and acoustic keyboards, Mark Simmons – drums and spiritual percussion. And Chris Walker on bass and background vocals. According to Moses and Hoyle, we started with an Overture, Medley (recognizable phrases) from 5 well known songs in my career: Boogie Down, We’re In This Love Together, Blue Rondo, Since I fell, Moonlighting. 2 all beef patties, special sauce, cheese, pickles on a sesame seed bun.

D.S.O. Al Jarreau. The real fun and inspiring part to me is to do all of these basically familiar old favorites with a full orchestra setting. Strings and horns, and timpani, and exotic percussion. And even a harpist. Every solo artist, Coltrane and Miles, Streisand and Pavarotti have adored the orchestra setting.

We’re back in a flash and effervescing away with, “Something’s Coming” with the west side story. Surprise?!? We throw in little bits and pieces of, “Maria,” “The Jets,” “I Feel Pretty,” and “Be In America.”

Thanks for everything!

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