We’ve been operating out of Hamburg to nearby cities for 4 days. And even before that! 2 weeks ago we started rehearsals with NDR and bounced back and forth from Vienna doing the G3 opening and the Lalo Schifrin tribute. This has been a rare opportunity for me to really feel the city again. Lots of outdoor summer dates over the years but I mainly remember the fall and winter season, and those jogs and exercise walks in Milwaukee style weather. I’ve said it before and it’s always a little bit scary – coming back to perform in your hometown. And the same is for me, you know. As much as Milwaukee and San Francisco and Los Angeles. Gawd!! You really want to do it good. Here are the people that gave me that great send off into the world. Tell them about Hamburg when you’re out there. And I did. And I will.

My dear Siggi Loch of ACT records, and formerly head of WEA international, dropped by before the show. You should have seen us laughing and grinning like a couple of grown-up kids about how we used to play on the playground. And how one thing led to another. He and WEA and Fritz Rau engineered one of those almost classic breakthroughs where you show a guy in a small club for a week, and 3 weeks later he’s headlining appearing at a major concert house in Hamburg. Things moved like a rushing river down stream. Thank you Hamburg for helping me relive those important times in my life!

Love, Al

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