There is a high tent-like structure in the middle of the room like a circus tent, but this is a permanent building. I have played here at least twice since the early 80’s. Some will remember… nice history… and all that. Some will also remember a club called The Spectacle – a biggish club with a high stage. And that would have been the first time I’ve met Willy …… an excellent jazz singer. Bepop and all. He’s friends with Stefan, the guitar player.

All in all, our appearance here and performance this time with the big band, and Joe Sample, and lots of new music. It amounts to a beautiful revitalizing of an old relationship. New ideas, new concepts, and even new clothes. New transformation from Al Jarreau into Porgy. Wow, it’s so important in the career to look for these opportunities to express a different side of who you are. Sometimes this involves a stretch from what you typically do. But it’s worth it. As you might guess these changes are great for the audience too: different settings, different music. In some ways, you can think of my whole career on the European continent to be different and interesting this time because the whole song program is different than the last. Then Turano, came with a new program set that involved a return to the, “Look To The Rainbow,” era. Right back to the beginning of my career, when we broke through on to the scene. New face, new approach, new audience. Intercontinental relationship. Some folks think this is the best work I’ve ever done throughout my career. And total unabashed jazzy freedom. And they’re right. This jazz album totally represents my jazzy freedom in “approach.” But those who get stuck there have forgotten the title song, “We Got By,” from the first album, “Sweet Potato Pie.” And things like, “Aqua de Beber,” and “Your Song,” from the, “Glow” record. And as for, “Look To The Rainbow,” itself, there were several plays like, “Rainbow In Your Eyes,” “One Good Turn,” and could you believe that I was called R&B/pop. Thank you Munich for bringing me back!

Love, Al

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