Nov 4- Dallas, TX – Tom Joyner & Jazz Roots

We did more than a concert in Dallas this time. A concert would be quite enough. In fact, that’s the beautiful standard norm. But sometimes there’s a convergence of unexpected circumstances that really makes a bright constellation.

How about this: Tom Joyner’s morning show broadcasts out of Dallas 5am to 9 daily. He’s got to be the hottest most listened to DJ in the world. He invited us to play live on the show from his red velvet cake studio with pink grand piano, an eight foot tall Green Satin Geico Gecko, next to an eight foot tall “Morton’s Salt Girl” doll, and wonderful, fun artwork on all the wall space that wasn’t covered by LP covers—Mesmerizing… A grown up child’s playroom.

On Monday we dropped by for a setup and sound check. We played almost entirely unplugged—no electronics—snare drum and brushes. The grin of delight and joy on Tom’s face was the child’s face in the play room I will never forget.

So why not play some birthday party music the next night for his wife Donna! I’m laughing and grinning myself right now… Tom pulled up a chair in the middle of the dance floor—Eight feet from the stage—with Donna on his knee, both of them singing along with the band in the “play room.”

The concert night was a night of ‘firsts.’ The first time for me and the great Ramsey Lewis to share the Bill. For sure, we were the first Jazz Music to the brand new Winspear Opera House. So out walks Larry Rosen to talk about Jazz Roots: A new youth outreach program that will be performance and educationally oriented emphasizing the global diversity of Jazz which must be preserved and taught. You go, Larry!

It was a beautiful night and a beautiful stay in Dallas. Thanks Tom and Donna! Thank you, Larry, and Ramsey, and everyone at the Winspear!

Love, Al

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