“Out of the ashes… a bird!” I always think of that when I’m there. Somehow that reference is more poignant this time as I mention that my cousin Irma has just ascended (passed).

We’re at the beautiful Celebrity Theater in “The Round” tonight. The stage will slowly spin in one direction & then the other. It’s a unique experience for the performer & audience, if you don’t get seasick. I love it, skirting the circumference ahead of the spin & singing to people before I should be there. Or Crossing the diameter from one edge, to the other squeezing by the instruments.

You’re in the right place tonight! No 4-letter words or crotch grabbing & you might even hear some words like God & Love & School & Brother’s keeper.

ZONE!!…. The whole night! Molding & folding time at will. As I passed by 2 ladies from Milwaukee on the aisle, they grabbed my hand & shouted, “Go on, homeboy!!” Lots of mixed couples here tonight & I feel complimented & proud. There was a little girl who did a picture for me who was the chef’s daughter.

I was especially touched after the show by Lisa, an Air Force veteran who had been critically ill with Gulf War Syndrome but who is doing much, much better now. She hugged me & thanked me for something I said in a song that she listened to over & over. We held hands & starred at each other a long time. Thank you, Father!!! Thanks Chuck for bringing Lisa!!!

Thank you Phoenix!!!


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