Seattle, WA

The billing was Al Jarreau and the George Duke Trio! Yeah! Me and George. We just may have started something here. I explained that George and I have a special history together. George has produced music on my records, and accompanied, and written songs with me, and we’ve toured together in various mixes and aggregations of great players and singers.

But what we have not done is to work as a trio and vocalist….. well, not since a long time ago, back before We Got By, my first “official” record, so to speak. This is an interesting little unknown chapter that needs more time than I can make now. But I told the audience the gist of it last night. George has a closetful of tapes of me and the George Duke Trio at the Half Note Club in San Francisco around 1965-68. And maybe with a touch here and there, we can put out some new old music from our early days, with a tour that features some of that music. Seattle was a hint.

George and the trio played stuff that’s ‘all over the place, honed to perfection, slammin!’ Masterpieces. Retro jazz to fusion R&B/rock, then the funk. Bassist Mike Manson and drummer Ronald Bruner, Jr. are both prodigies… ‘Nuff said!

With one 3-hour rehearsal of music under our belts, and a sound check, I jumped in the deep end. The Seattle audience was so hot and enthusiastic that the butterflies flew and so did we all.

I love ya, Seattle. Soon please!

Love, Al

P.S. Frank Smoll from Ripon was there. We talked about Doc Weiske!

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