Spokane, WA

We went to Spokane Washington to The Northern Quest Resort and Casino. It was great! I could do it again tonight.

It was my first time in the Northeast area of the state. So when I asked how many first-timers were here, almost everybody raised their hands and they were all smiles and anticipation, and took in every note and nuance, and got it.

Their response was so enthusiastic and strong that I’m feeling refreshed and buoyed up just thinking about it.

The music market has sagged and lagged right along with other stuff. So it’s great when audiences show up and laugh and smile and clap and sing and share and spread joy.

They could have stopped and stayed at the blackjack tables but they walked into the concert room and joined the party. Thank you thank you thank you!

The band played ‘inspired.’ The eyes in the audience were like saucers, and their mouths flew open when Larry took his hands off the keys and played the flute… For the band, the new program of old thumb print material was a hit. I could feel the audience respond to the variety of the evening.

My gang is shouting out a great big thank you to all the casino staff and Kalispel tribe. You took real good care of us. I can’t wait to come back.

Thank you, Spokane, for a great time… “You start me up!”


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