Hi everybody! Greetings… God bless us everyone… ‘TIS AUTUMN (a really great song from the 50’s) and I’ll sing about autumn leaves drifting by my window someday soon. But first let’s talk about ‘TWAS SUMMER. And there is indeed a lot to talk about. I haven’t made an entry here since last spring. That’s really being tardy to class. Here’s what happened…

Personal Assistant!!! Check it out. A personal assistant for Al Jarreau is as important as any band member. He turns off the light at bed time, and wakes me up in the morning with a schedule and a kick in the butt… Sometimes some coffee too. An especially key function of a PA has been to keep me informed of new technology and computer related functions.

For all you computer savvy wizards born since 1980, this would be a snap. Well not for me. Google Underwood typewriter and you’ll know what I mean. An Underwood is the Model T of typewriters. You really do have to muscle the keys down, and they strike the dark blue ribbon and paper with hammer-like force… One’s hands tire quickly. Google??? I can hardly spell it. My assistant is extremely helpful with these new communications things. My really well trained replacement, Gustavo, had a serious illness in the family and he left for home the first week of July on our first week of the tour. We were in Parma, Italy. Yikes!

In desperation, we screamed for my son Ryan who had only worked for 2 1/2 weeks on the setup crew. His first job with me… EVER. Talk about a steep learning curve. And if he doesn’t get it, dad is in trouble. Ryan knocked it out of the park. And hit home runs after home runs. Larry Williams put it correctly when he said: “Ryan saved our butt.” He’s right. Ryan went into turbo max learning curve. Ryan performed in a way I’ve never seen him perform. And the both of us have a new reality about who we are. Father and son. Employer and employee.

(It’s weeks later as I write this and Ryan voluntarily moved back to the stage crew). And my new new assistant is working just great. In short, the summer was wonderful, refreshing, and fulfilling. We are hail and hearty.

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