What a magnificent concert hall just to look at. Somehow the looseness in its design doesn’t feel boxy straight up and down and confined. There are interesting little sections like the balcony behind the orchestra stage with 200 people waving and shouting. This is also the pipe organ loft. And then this back balcony wraps around and you can look left or right and watch it flow into the front balcony.

Joe sample and I are checking all this out at sound check time and we look and talk about, “This is the last night, man.” 5 weeks flying for me. And so I thank the band for their beautiful arrangements and playing that made me be a new me.

We tumble and roll and slip sideways, silently through the square, and we’re gone….. and suddenly there’s me and Joe Sample, 3 hours later, with encores done in the front of the hall, signing C.D.’s and autographs.

What a trip!

Love, Al

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