It’s raining again, again, again. And we have a pick up time at 3:30pm where we walk outside of the hotel, take a deep breath, and talk about how much this is like home. For me and Joe, Milwaukee. For my assistant Brian, Ohio. This is fall. This is autumn. Oops did I say that yesterday? We arrive at the concert hall, walk into the theatre and past the venue staff, and I whisper in my mind that, “I will see you in 10 hours, and I’ll be almost on my way home. Over the past 4 weeks, I and the NDR band have come together in a wonderful, brand new fashion. Especially because we are now doing this with Joe Sample. Children of the Sun… of the children of the children of the children of the sun. Who in fact are Porgy and Bess. Thank you George and Ira for your sensitivity. I’ve been coming Hannover for years. And people forget what time it is. These people come with photos and signatures. And it’s me. Yes it’s me.

Tomorrow will be my last day with NDR and Joe Sample. And all afternoon since sound check we’re doing photos, pictures, signatures, hello to Mom. Hello to Uncle Harry.

Tonight we figured out a way for me to be in the wings and not visible, but really, really close to the band as they play the Joe Sample segment of the evening. Even when I’m farther away than tonight, I’m blown away by these compositions, and how NDR owns it and jumps all over it… this is new stuff folks. And they are wearing it out at high level.

Hi Frank tonight you are 8 feet from me as you play your big baritone sax. Dan walks close and past me on his way to the front of the stage just like many times before on this tour. But it’s almost as though the Gods of music have forced us together in a cluster tonight… and we look at each other, straight into the eyes. And declare, “Wow, this has been some wonderful, cool stuff.”

Ask me about the new front of, “Summertime.” Ask me about the second verse of, “Oh Bess…” And the out-choruses of, “Oh Lord, I’m On My Way.” Definitely new territory for me vocally.

Someone will sit across from you, and say, “Wow I never knew.”

Hello my singer friend. You must be still and quiet and breathe deeply. And carry on. Thanks!

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