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Happy New Year to all of you long time friends and family, and new friends to be. And a very special Happy New Years wish and congratulations to Legacy Community Health Services of Houston, since early 1980’s, where we played last Saturday night January 20th. I’m personally claiming this event as my New Years Eve celebration with all the accompanying resolutions. Susan came with me for this weekend gala and quietly told me how she cried when she saw people dancing to “After All,” “Boogie Down,” and “Roof Garden.” After all these years! That speaks volumes and implies so many satisfactions about this work I’ve been doing for such a long time and my wishes for the future.

Saturday night was a great big beautiful black tie formal affair with dinner and champagne. All to benefit the Legacy Community Health Services organization. And all of it set in motion by my bass player Chris Walker and his brother Ernest who have been involved with Legacy and other community outreach organizations for years. AS A MATTER OF FACT.

Let me just coin a new phrase called “enlightened democratic capitalism,” which implies a new and broader awareness of America’s economic circumstances and needs that determine how we decide to protect and take care of all of our people. Let me summarize the conclusions of this thinking. If Washington doesn’t keep in place the safety net for all of us, especially the forgotten and underserved, and exponentially growing number, then we citizens must take care of each other. We’ll need to form new organizations that feed and shelter and heal one another. The next needy person could be your brother.

How about that for a New Years Eve Greeting? Oops!!! Once again, Houston, the bayou city that just a few short years ago stood tall and welcomed Katrina victims, stood up again as they have since the early 80’s, and supported Legacy Community Health Services.

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