Checco Zalone. Network television show. Flash bam alacazam! We’re arriving in Milan, Italy to do, “Spain,” with a wild and brilliant TV personality who graduated from law school and plays great jazz piano. He also sings and does great comedy bits.

We accepted the invitation with happiness and enthusiasm. This is another opportunity to stay in touch with our Italian audience, like last Christmas time, when I sang in the Concerto de Natale Malta. I met Mario Biondi on that occasion, and later recorded a duet with him… soon to be released. Of course, the song that I recorded with Deodato, which is still running high on the smooth jazz charts, is part of this same push. But this thing is different, still. I am actually being comedic with several lines all delivered in Italian. My jaw hit the floor when I discovered this surprise in our preliminary organizational meeting. I was like Fuggetaboutit. Ciao bello, ciao tutte. Where’s my hat… Well I did it. And inside of the bit I sang, “Spain,” with Checco and the studio band; really good band.

My appearance was a surprise for the studio audience and will also be for viewers at home.

Good job to my manager, Joe Gordon, You cuddled and coddled this baby from the start, and this is sure to be a very important facet of our whole “Back to Italian” adventure. We met some beautiful people.

Every time I involve myself in special projects like this (television people, radio people, fundraisers, charities) I come away with beautiful pictures in my head of the folks I met. Great to see Antonello, our promoter, from way back when, and his colleague, Antonella. You should have seen Youma: Six-foot three or six-foot four gorgeous model with black skin and classique features. Special thanks to Mario for leading us around by the hand, and helping us all day long.

With a very deep bow of congratulations I want to thank Checco Zalone and the whole staff on a brilliant production. Checco is amazing. Call me anytime.

Love Al

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