Wow I’m sitting here in Luxembourg having coffee. Today is a show day, and I’m doing vocal warm-ups, but Brian just walked in and read me my comments at the Wisconsin Travel Blog… just some memories of years past in Wisconsin for me. It took me away, and way back, and conjured up sights and sounds from years and years ago. For a moment, it was Christmas time. Have a look.

Cloudy, drizzly. Joe Turano, Brian, and I step out of the hotel at 3pm, and breathe in the misty cold and look at each other and smile and say, “this really feels good.” All 3 of us are Midwesterners who came to like ice skating… yes black folks like ice skating too.

Well, here we are in Luxembourg and before the day is finished, we have found ourselves saying, “How lucky and blessed we are to be able to bring this music across the face of the globe to people living in a way different country than us. This is the dream that any other artist, musician, juggler, painter, writer, preacher, priests has. It is to be able to take its heart to any place on the globe, and discover that people understand who he is, and realize this time together. And so it happened again.

We looked at each other and said that this is a powerful program that we’re doing! Do you know what? I haven’t been here for years. Have you. All of us silently admit, “No I haven’t.” And then we all conclude how great it is to have a program like this. That it’s opening doors for places that we haven’t been in years. Thanks!

Love, Al

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